Raising kids can be fun in the most unexpected ways. Of course you expect the little ones to do cute things that you will remember always as they learn to walk and talk but what about in those days when they are a bit older and ready for some hands-on activities in the kitchen with mum?

They love to frost cakes and lick the beater but even that gets old and they often begin to do fancy ‘artwork’ across the table and on the chairs instead of licking of the tasty treat.

Why not have a bit of fun by letting them help you prepare some interesting snacks from around the world? As you begin assembling the ingredients, get out the globe and show them where today’s treat comes from. Then as you plan your next holiday, you can travel to one or more of the places you’ve had fun learning about when preparing your International snacks!

Travel and Culinary Delights from South America

One of the most interesting continents is South America. Not only is the food amazingly spicy and delicious but the indigenous people love to dance and laugh and there is always a festival of some sort – it seems like every week of the year! When it comes to snacks for kids, two countries come to mind, Brazil and Venezuela. These two countries have snacks that are easy to make right at home in your kitchen as you begin talking to your children about local customs and interesting places they will see when you go on holiday.


  • Brigadeiros from Brazil – this delightful treat is made into little balls that are formed with powdered chocolate and sweetened condensed milk. After they have been formed into a ball they are rolled in chocolate sprinkles. Eat a few in between dancing the Samba and showing the little ones what the barrel roll is. Dancing and playing games from the country you are about to visit adds that extra tinge of excitement when planning your next holiday.
  • Tequeños from Venezuela – another easy snack to make that is simply a piece of cheese (quesoblanco) wrapped up in dough and deep fried. You can use pastry dough which is more authentic than bread dough but if you can’t get any at your local shop you can use croissant dough which is also available at many locations. Kids love these as a snack and the best part is, they are not sugary sweet and actually are quite healthy.

International Kid Cuisine

Tropical Island Splendours of the Caribbean

If you are heading to South America, you might want to make a stop in the Caribbean either on your way out or on your way home. These tiny island nations have some of the most interesting foods and snacks. There is no place like the islands to spend a late autumn or winter holiday, so this year, start teaching the little ones about what they’ll see, hear, do and eat there!

  • Kurma from Trinidad – this particular snack is interesting in that it has a variety from many countries around the globe. The Trinidad version resembles the shape of a skinny chip but is made from sweet dough. They are then deep fried in oil and glazed with a sugary coating. If you picture an American shoestring fry, you’ll have a perfect image of the Kurma but it won’t be made from potato.
  • Coconut Limber from Puerto Rico – made as a frozen treat from sweetened condensed milk, egg yolk, sugar and vanilla, this treat either on a stick or a cup is the next best thing to heaven in the eyes of a child. Not quite ice cream but just as delicious.

They say that you can tell a lot about a culture from its cuisine and this is perhaps one of the truest statements ever made. Introduce your children to the exotic locations you will visit on your next holiday by letting them taste the treats you learn to make with them. It is fun in the moment and fun as that happy day approaches when you are about to embark on your journey. Won’t it be fun testing the authentic treats against what you’ve prepared at home?