Ipswich County Library is holding its popular annual multicultural event on Saturday 29 June 2013. The event has been given a boost this year by being included in the IP-Art festival.

The multicultural event celebrates the diverse community of Ipswich and is a free and fun filled event bringing the people of Ipswich together.

The event will run from 10.30am to 4pm and will include dance and musical performances, Indian, Chinese and African-Caribbean food stalls, games, a fashion show, craft stalls and information displays. The event has been running for the past few years and has developed into a very popular and colourful celebration of local people and their different cultures.

This year there will also be a fair trade food and craft stall, henna tattoos, traditional games, the chance to try on carnival costumes and make carnival masks, African storytelling with drums and Russian crafts.

Ipswich Library has a diverse local community and over the past few years library staff have been working to bring the local community together and to encourage more groups to use the town’s library services.

The library has been working with groups including people from India, Africa, Zimbabwe, Poland, Afghanistan, Romania, Lithuania, Russia and China. Ipswich Library has also worked with the Anglo Chinese Cultural Exchange to deliver Mandarin classes at the library and helps many people with their British Citizenship information.

The library also runs Chat n’ Chill sessions twice a week for women who do not speak English as their first language and many of the groups involved in the Multicultural Day will also be involved in the library’s World Music Day event in October.

The Multicultural Day in June takes place on the same day as the Global Rhythm IP-Art event in Christchurch Park which runs from 12noon to 8pm and features three stages of world music.


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