Rabbit theatre presents, ‘The Odyssey (Greek Stuff)’ at Burston Crown on Tues 9 May at 8pm. John Osborne presents ‘No-one cares about your new thing’ Tues 16 May at 8pm

Supported by the arts and community development charity, Creative Arts East these shows are part of the INN Crowd project bringing liveliterature to rural pubs.

Rabbit Theatre presents,

‘The Odyssey (Greek Stuff)’

at the Burston Crown on Tuesday 9th May at 8pm.

The journey of all journeys. To Hell. And back again.

Gods, Monsters, Sirens, Derring-Dos and Derring- Donts!

A love story that lasts decades.

It’s Greek stuff… with all the boring bits removed!

John Osborne presents his new show

‘No-one cares about your new thing’

on Tuesday 16th May at 8pm.

John Osborne is a writer and poet based in Norwich.

Since 2006 he has been performing in pubs, theatres, arts centres and festivals across the UK, including Glastonbury, Latitude and the Edinburgh fringe.

The poems are funny, entertaining, sad, capturing the lives and ambitions and struggles of everyday people.

The INN CROWD project by Creative Arts East, Applause Rural Touring and Writers Centre Norwich is made possible with funding from Arts Council England.

For further information on this and other Creative Arts East events please go to: www.creativeartseast.co.uk/whats-on or contact Karen Kidman on 01953 713392 or [email protected]