I am a newly published local author, Philip Copland, and have written a book about the Battle of Britain.

The book has recently been published in the USA…by Publish America and should be available in the U.K. at the end of November [certainly Amazon should have it by then].

An East Anglian and now living back near Beccles, I first started my early teaching at Hawkinge Primary School [my classroom was on the edge of the airfield at that time in the village hall..].

I became more and more fascinated with what 11Group of the Royal Air Force had done during Summer1940..seeing off a growing armada of Luftwaffe intruders during the great battle [Possibly the most important battle of the 20th Century].

I explain this in my book ”KEEP FAR OUR FOES

In July, 1909, Louis Bleriot flew the first frail aircraft across the English Channel from France, to land near Dover. Within a mere 30 years, two major European nations had produced dangerous and fast warplanes!

The Germans in 1940, had conquered France, and were looking across the Channel to extend their conquests—in the Air first—to the greatest prize of all…The British Isles.

Winston Churchill, however, was now in charge of Great Britain, and the Royal Air Force—under Air Chief Marshall Sir Hugh Dowding—had other ideas. Under Air Vice Marshall Keith Park—i/c Fighter Command 11Group—the RAF fought out The Battle of Britain…against the Luftwaffe.

A former teacher, who began his career in the English village of Hawking, in Kent, here tells his own story of the battle he rates as the most important of all 20thCentury battles, for the emergence of a free, democratic world.

After a period in the RAF, Philip Copland trained to begin his successful teaching career in Kent. He also maintains his wide interest in the Music of the Anglican Communion.

His fondness for the RAF and for Kent, are brought together in this book.


Please phone if you wish to know more about it, the book will cost $19.95…which is about £14.99

Also now available at

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