basics with Bingo

Let’s go back to basics with Bingo

Bingo is a classic game, loved by many throughout the years. It’s simple and easy to play, which only adds to its appeal! Experts estimate that, in its most primitive form, Bingo has been around for a massive 490 years, although of course, it’s greatly progressed since. Just take a look at the selection of games at, for example! There’s themes and styles to suit every player’s needs when it comes to online Bingo – a far cry from how the game begun!

Read on to find out more about how our beloved Bingo began.


The general consensus amongst Bingo afficionados is that the game originated in Italy, back in the 1530’s. Then, the game was more of a lottery-style affair, known as “Il Gioco del Lotto D’italia”.


Bingo began to transform into the game we know today in the 1770’s, when it made its way over to France. Next, the game found its way over to Britain, quickly spreading across industrial towns and cities, growing particularly popular with working and middle-class groups.


Over the years, Bingo has gone by many different names, the most notable being “Beano”. The origin of the name “Beano” was taken from the way the game was played in 1920’s Pittsburgh. At this time, numbered boxes on a card were marked off using beans, instead of markers, as that was all that was readily available at the time!

A long Island-born toy manufacturer called Edwin S. Lowe was playing the game one day, when one of the other players accidentally shouted out “Bingo!” by mistake. Lowe loved this interpretation of the title, so much so, that he coined the phrase, going on to package it up and sell it worldwide. And because of this, we now know the game as Bingo today!


Bingo became a firm favourite amongst the US army and British troops during both of the World Wars. The game was perhaps sort after as a distraction for the soldiers, as well as a much-needed course of entertainment, both during wartime, and after. Post-war, societies utilised the game as a way to raise money for the community and various other charity projects, in an effort to rebuild a war that had just been so violently torn apart by war.


The online revolution of Bingo, and the majority of casino classics, began to take place in the mid-90’s. Progressing to online gaming has had a massive effect on Bingo, contributing roughly £1.3b to online casino takings in the UK. 1996 saw the first ever online Bingo site emerge, called, just as the internet was rising in popularity.


At this point, the online edition of Bingo has come along on leaps and bounds, straying far from the classic game. In 2013, online Bingo found its way onto the mobile gaming market, making it even more accessible than before. With this, not only could you play Bingo in the comfort of your own home, but also on the go! The rules of the game have remained the same, only slightly tweaked with bonuses and offers just for playing online. If you want to bring your love for Bingo into the modern era, then playing online is undoubtedly the way to go!