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The Halesworth Gallery Open Show is here again.

All welcome. No selection of works. The entry fee is £10 per artist, whether for one or two works. Cheques payable to Halesworth Gallery. No commission. 2D work must not exceed 30 inches or 76 centimetres in width. 

Further details and the form available on the website. All welcome to the preview party on Friday 1 September.

Zoe Rubens and friends showing at the Pond Gallery this weekend.


Body in the water: ‘A Thousand Tides’ causes a fuss!

Latest blog news from Laurence Edwards.

“Bronze sculpture mistaken for body in the water” BBC online

The BBC got in touch with me whilst in France to report that the Coastguard, Police and Fire Service had been called out to my figure lying in the water at Butley Creek…………………