Jonathan Crickmore (Vocals) James Crickmore (Guitar)
Dean Thorpe (Drums) Matt High (Bass)

Bungay band BEAR are aiming for the Top 40 with their debut single: LIES

The single will be available as a downloadable file from 5th July, with pre-orders from 25th June.

The more people that download the track, the greater chance they have of successfully hitting the Top 40!

Then click on this link to purchase the download from the band’s recording label:

Taxi Parachutes

You can also hear some other sample tracks on the bands MySpace page:

Blood on the mind – BEAR

BEAR formed in 2005, quickly building a catalogue of songs that bring together a number of influences and styles.

Following a number of successful gigs at some of Norwich’s top venues, and joining the Taxi Parachutes promotion label in 2007, BEAR will be playing near you soon.

The band are donating the profits from their single to the beat bullying organisation