June 1988

Polkey’s Mill

Polkey’s Mill at Reedham Ferry, next to the River Yare, was built with a tarred red brick tower. The mill was was also known as South Mill and was originally one of an open group of three mills along with the North Mill and Cadge’s Mill.

Polkey’s Mill with North Mill in foreground in June 1989

By 1988 the mill had been fitted with a temporary aluminium cap and still had two stocks, the remains of three patent sails, and all the internal machinery except the pit wheel. The scoop wheel with its paddles was also in situ on the outside of the tower. A red brick engine house and chimney were situated nearby and the whole site was very overgrown.

The management and restoration of Polkey’s Mill amd Cadge’s Mill was undertaken by The Norfolk Windmills Trust between 1999 – 2006.

5th April 2007

For more history about this mill and many others, please visit – www.norfolkmills.co.uk

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