Here are the key points based on the Downing Street video addressed to the nation

– Lockdown will not be lifted until all 5 tests are passed. So far, we have not passed more than one.

What are we allowed to do?

– You are allowed to go out to use parks, sit on benches and enjoy the weather. As a household or individuals only.

– If you are able to work from home, continue to do so.
– If you are unable to work from home, please ensure your work place will follow all government guidance and regulations, specifically for covid-19.
– If you are going to return to work, please use your own vehicles or, bicycle.
– Public transport are undergoing views to ensure social distancing measures are made.

This is the changes only, for Phase one. This does not, mean we are out of lockdown.

This does not mean go to see family, meet up with friends and so forth.

We are still level 4, out of 5, having the risk of coronavirus.

The current R is 0.5-0.9, as soon as it goes above 1, stricter measures will be put in force again.

Phase two, will only go ahead if all 5 tests are going well and the public are continuing to abide by all measures given.

The aim, is to begin phase two after half term. Which, we will then see school’s opening for reception, year one and six, only.

Do not take this as a sign we are out of this, we’re not.

We need to ensure that all of us stick together and to all guidelines, not because we have to but simply because we need to further reduce the chance of a second, more deadlier wave.

As a country, we have suppressed this peak as oppose to the estimated 500,000 lives at stake, to 30,000 at the current moment of time.
Stay home.

Stay alert.

Protect the NHS.

Save lives.

We are in this together, not as individuals.

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