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Lonely Website? Powerful Ways To Attract Visitors 

Some people set up websites in connection with their hobbies and passions. It might be devoted to photography or contain travel blogs. Others create business sites designed to be a central hub for marketing and sales.

Whilst it’s tempting to just sit back and wait for visitors, this method rarely pays off. Unless you can raise your profile and get your voice heard, there’s a risk that your website might remain invisible. Fortunately, there are a number of strategies people can follow in order to generate traffic. We’re going to discuss some of these right now.

Understand Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you fill your website with words and phrases that people are not looking for, the results will be disappointing: Every time someone searches for a product or service that you provide, other websites will feature higher in the results. The power of using a freelance SEO consultant like George Papatheodorou is that they can use a range of different strategies to generate organic growth for your site. They can look at its structure and optimise it for greater visibility. Analytical tools can identify the words people are looking for online, and your website can be adjusted to suit.

Create Regular Blog Posts

People these days are looking for free information online. That’s why it’s wise to post regular blogs on your website. If it’s quality and engaging material people will be attracted to your web pages, and begin to trust your brand. In turn this can create an opportunity for sales. You can create posts about product launches and discounts, and include links to your sales pages.

Harness The Power Of Social Media 

It comes as standard these days that most companies have profiles on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Once again, the public are looking for free content about the things that you provide. Rather than daily spamming the sites with adverts, it’s best to also provide free and interesting information. As the followers increase, so will your influence. Whilst Instagram doesn’t let you include URLs in the posts, most other platforms will allow you to provide links to your website.

Produce Videos On Youtube

Not everyone wants to learn by reading websites or written posts on social media. Many people enjoy using Youtube, especially when it’s a ‘how to’ demonstration. The beauty is that Youtube and Google are connected. Simply use SEO-compatible words for your video titles and descriptions; then when people search Google there’s a greater chance that your video posts will feature among the results.

Offer Free Stuff

Whether it’s on a blog, social media post or Youtube video you should consider offering freebies. They can be anything from discounts and coupons to helpful e-books. Do the same thing on your website home page, and always provide the freebies by email: That way you’ll be gaining their email addresses for your future marketing campaigns, and more people will be going to your website.

The art is to understand SEO and to use these powerful tools in harness together. The results will be a higher Google ranking and the potential for revenue generation.