Easterly Artists’ “Moving On” Exhibitions
Comes To Norwich

Twenty-two of East Suffolk’s most innovative and creative visual artists have come together to celebrate the end of lock-down with an inspiring new exhibition of paintings and 3D work. All are members of Easterly Artists and are practising artists living or working within a 20-mile radius of Lowestoft’s Ness Point, the most easterly part of the UK.

Following the success of their two previous “virtual” exhibitions online, “Moving On” provides the first opportunity in over a year for members to display their work in a physical space. All are highly skilled in their individual practices, and examples of painting in a variety of mediums, print-making, leporello, ceramics, digital illustration, dorodango and artistic wood-turning will be on show.

Joint curators Hilary Barry, Simon Wilde and Tricia Davidson explained: “Lock-down has been extraordinarily difficult for all artists, both financially and creatively. With restrictions easing after so many months of uncertainty, perhaps it’s at last time to peer over the parapet and allow hope to flourish again. This show represents that new spirit of hope and optimism.”

“Moving On” opens at The Anteros Art Gallery, 11-15 Fye Bridge Street, Norwich NR3 1LJ on Tuesday 8 June and runs till Saturday 19 June. Opening times are Tuesday-Saturday, 9.30am-5pm and entry is free. Anteros does not have its own parking; however there are several public car parks nearby. The gallery is also easily accessible via train (approximately 15 minutes’ walk from Norwich station) or bus (between Anglia Square and Tombland stops). A ramp is available for wheelchair access.

Easterly Artists members taking part in “Moving On” are:

      1. Amy Stock – Figurative painter: mixed media and mono printing
      2. Bill Haward – Collage based on line drawing
      3. Chris Milham – Modern contemporary art in oil and acrylic
      4. Darren Breeze – Artistic woodturner
      5. David Sullivan – Realist painter engaged with political themes
      6. Eileen Coxon – Fine art painting in oils and watercolours
      7. Fiona Shreeve – Sculptural ceramics
      8. Harvey Bradley – Porcelain pieces featuring expressive brushwork
      9. Hilary Barry – Figurative fine artist and painter
      10. Joan Murray – Drawing, photography and book works
      11. Malcolm Cudmore – Fine art painting and drawing
      12. Marilyn Jackson – Mixed media and mono printing
      13. Mark Ross – Dorodango
      14. Neil Whitehead – Acrylic painting and watercolour
      15. Ni Gooding – Fine art screen-printing
      16. Paul Zawadzki – Oil and acrylic contemporary landscapes
      17. Peter Rodulfo – Fine art and magical realism
      18. Rinat Baibekov – Abstract painting in mixed media or oil
      19. Rosalind Bieber – Modern contemporary art in Ecos paint and conte
      20. Simon Turner – Mixed media: acrylic on wood and metal
      21. Simon Wilde – Fine artist specialising in painting and drawing
      22. Tricia Davidson – Fine art painter and printmaker

Easterly Artists background

Run by its members, Easterly Artists is a not-for-profit group of visual artists based at the easternmost edge of the UK mainland. The group formed in 2018 as a mutually supportive collective to promote the practice of local artists and encourage awareness and appreciation of their work. Members are all practising artists living and/or working within a 20-mile radius of Ness Point, the most easterly part of the UK.


Instagram: @easterlyartists

Facebook: @easterlyartists

Twitter: @artistseasterly

Artist profiles

Bill Haward (Reydon, Southwold)

Bill Haward grew up in Ipswich, where his family had a strong interest in the visual arts. He qualified as an architect and developed his drawing during that career.

Now retired, he utilises this facility for his own artwork. This has been extended with the use of a collage technique to add colour. Line drawings are printed on coloured sheets and elements cut out and built up in layers. Subjects include both townscape and landscape, typically on the East coast where he lives, but also further afield as the opportunity arises.

Cromer Lighthouse – Bill Haward

Cromer Lighthouse – Bill Haward

Ni Gooding (Halesworth)

Since establishing the Cut-Editions screen printing studio in Halesworth in 2017, Ni’s practice has been exclusively in the screen-printing medium.

For the past two and a half years he has been experimenting with using torn and cut paper stencils to make bold, simplified, non-figurative and often colourful prints. Some are “hard edge colour field” images; some use transparent overprinting techniques to create complex images. These flimsy, unstable paper stencils are short-lived – but this instability gives them a sense of spontaneity and immediacy.

Screenplay 5 – Ni Gooding

Screenplay 5 – Ni Gooding

Harvey Bradley (Lowestoft)

Harvey got clay “under his fingernails” in 1966 and still responds strongly to “the call”. Working in his Lowestoft garden studio he delights in clean lines and creating subtle, simple forms – big spaces for textural brush work. His cryptic markings play themselves across the pristine porcelain with great sensitivity, producing frozen characters stretched upon gentle white contours.

He comments: “Gentle rhythmic clicks of the kick wheel, clay rising from the wheel-head shaped by the potter’s hands. This slippy connection with elemental sources drives a creative process which resonates across time and cultures.”

Porcelain Bowl 2 – Harvey Bradley

Porcelain Bowl 2 – Harvey Bradley