Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery Lunch

Could you Murder for lunch at The Thomas Paine Hotel this weekend?

It would be a crime to miss out!

The game is afoot in Thetford this September, as an afternoon of Murder and Mystery checks in at The Thomas Paine Hotel, Thetford on Sunday 14th September 2104 at 2pm, with support from the arts and community development charity Creative Arts East.

But, who has been ‘dispatched’ at dinner? Who put murder on the menu? and can the super-sleuth diners help track the felon down to get his (or her) just deserts in time for dessert?

Award winning 368 Theatre Company are assembling all the suspects for an evening of Murder Mystery and Intrigue, with the diners in the pub formed into crime-busting teams to help unravel the riddle and bring the culprit to book?

So, which team possesses the panache of Poirot, the sagacity of Sherlock or the canniness of Columbo to unmask the killer? All will be revealed!

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