Opportunities for shop units on the north Norfolk coast don’t come about very often, especially in sought after places like Burnham Deepdale. So there is significant interest in the unit that is soon to become available at Dalegate Market, the shopping centre, café and petrol station on the A149 coast road.

“We’re really sad that Little Giggles will be closing at the end of the month. The team from that shop and the toys they sell will be sorely missed. But all sad departures are also an interesting opportunity to try something new and the enquiries began almost before we advertised the shop.” said Jason Borthwick, partner of Dalegate Market.

“Dalegate works really well, because there’s a group of individual, unique shops and businesses, who work together to make Dalegate Market a real hub of the north Norfolk coast. When we decide on a new tenant for the shop unit, we’ll choose a business that compliments the other shops, the café, the supermarket and the tourism facilities of Deepdale Backpackers & Camping.”

The site receives hundreds of thousands of visitors a year and bucks the trend of small villages losing their facilities. In fact Burnham Deepdale and its twin village Brancaster Staithe support a really diverse range of businesses and facilities, including two pubs, a hotel, holiday cottages, a sailing school, a sailing club, the shops and café of Dalegate Market, backpackers hostel, campsite, B&Bs, fish shop, harbour seafood stall, Post Office, a busy church and is becoming one of the major stops on the Coasthopper bus route.

“There’s no reason for communities to lose their hearts, as long as there is an effort to try new things and welcome visitors who support the shops and services. Brancaster Staithe and Burnham Deepdale have lots of passionate people, all of which makes the village a more attractive place to live, work and visit.”

Dalegate Market | Shopping & Café is also the home to the Deepdale Christmas Market – www.deepdalechristmasmarket.co.uk
Businesses interested in the shop unit should contact Deepdale Farms, Tel: 01485 210036 or www.deepdaleproperty.co.uk
Visitors interested in visiting Brancaster Staithe and Burnham Deepdale will find an excellent range of information on www.burnhamdeepdale.co.uk