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being a retained FireFighter in Suffolk

New fire station opens in Lowestoft

There was no fanfare, no cutting of tape by a local celebrity and no champagne reception as Suffolk’s newest fire station became operational today. (28th July 2010)

Anyone passing along Normanston Drive can’t fail to have noticed the new fire station taking shape over these last few months. And today we moved in. There are still some finishing touches to do as well as some other things I shan’t mention but we’re in and we’re ready to go.

And the fire station that has been known as Normanshurst for longer than anyone cares to remember, is no more.

So we’ve got a new name to get used to now. We’ll be known now as North Lowestoft fire station…

The fun starts when we get our first shout at the new station. Everybody will be tripping over each other, heading in the wrong direction, trying to find something you know you used to have, like your fire kit! It’s a bit like moving house except we haven’t got time to rummage in boxes – there is normally a bit of a rush to get ourselves out from behind the big red doors!

Hopefully sometime soon we may have an official opening ceremony. If we do, I’ll get some pics added…

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