Newmarket Racecourse

Newmarket Racecourse to Steal Summer Shows?

To many, Newmarket Racecourse in Suffolk, is the ‘Home of Racing’. However, it’s aiming to – and successfully doing just that – becoming so much more than just a racecourse. The team at Newmarket have been working hard, for years, to find more and more ways to bring families, fans and customers in to their premises, and they’re doing just that. The racecourse is hosting family-fun days, sporting events, and a ton of concerts. All of which takes place after a fun day of horse racing. If their progression continues in this manner, we might be looking at a must-visit summer day out for everybody reading this. That’s right, whether a horse-racing fan or not, Newmarket can cater to your every need.

The town has a posh, royal history, and of course it puts its horse racing first, but it’s growing in ways previously unimaginable.

King Charles II was a regular visiter to Newmarket town, and they’re continuing to offer royal treatment in this modern day. Newmarket offers much more than a good day out, it offers a lifetime of memories that one cannot forget.

Many racecourses are trying to become the perfect package, but Newmarket is the bench mark for these other places. With their stunning restaurants, event-hosting facilities, it’s historical factors, it’s racing, concerts, and fun days, it truly is a breathtaking spectacle each day they open their gates.

Every spring they host family fun days, which offer ice-cream vans, bouncy castles and a host of fun activities for both adults and kids.

However, with their concerts, they’re changing the way horse racing operates. Newmarket opens its doors around 5 times a year with a HUGE concert packaged after the racing, and it brings in thousands of happy race-goers, ones that often take to to bet on their favourite horses, or the ones with the coolest names. However, Newmarket brings much more to the table.

In 2016, The Corrs, Will Young, Busted and the Kaiser Chiefs are all headlining race events. These artists and groups are in high demand, and for Newmarket to package them with its racing, not only are they attracting those who love horses, but they’re attracting people for the music too. Quite often, even if one goes for the music, they come away with a love of racing.

Last year popular boy-band, McBusted, headlined, and it drew in thousands of customers. The sizzling sun shone down on those enjoying some spectacular races. While the races were ongoing, many enjoyed a crisp pint of beer, and a delicious hog roast, and burgers that are out of this world. Newmarket sent thousands home happier than they’d ever imagined being.

Some still react with a soft reaction when asked to go to horse-racing events like these, but after one visit one finds themselves hooked. Newmarket especially ensures a first-class service is offered with it’s customer service, its food, its races and now its shows.

Why go to an arena concert, when you can get a ten-hour, fun-filled day with good drinks, food, races and entertainment to end the night?

Not only do racecourses like Newmarket offer you the chance to dress up, and to wine-and-dine like never before, but it’s fun you can have with all of your loved ones. Whatever music you like, there’s a day for you, and with first-class racing, either way you’re bound to have the time of your life.

Try it out for yourself, we can guarantee you’ll be hooked. Will others follow Newmarket and offer day experiences no other race-goers are likely to ever experience?