Cornelia FitzRoy

A Norfolk collective is set to open an exhibition of unseen work at the Fairhurst Gallery in Norwich.

Eight by Eight will feature artwork by Group Eight who are renowned for working outdoors ‘en plein air’.

Each of the group’s eight artists has created a new, three foot square piece of work for the show as well as numerous study pieces.

Norfolk born artist and former London gallerist, James Colman, said: “Group Eight are very excited about exhibiting at Fairhurst. Most of us have previously had connections with the gallery in various shapes and form.

“The new programme at the gallery made us all realise that The Fairhurst Gallery is fast establishing itself as the premier contemporary gallery in the region. Its ambitious and progressive programme combines eclecticism, quality and accessibility.”

Formed in autumn 2008 with the intention of getting back to the business of ‘doing a bit of life drawing,’ Group Eight has emerged as a quintessentially Norfolk based outfit.

With shared values yet disparate styles, the group is at its happiest when rooted firmly in the Norfolk landscape of Broadland, Breckland and Fenland.

Katharine Falcon
Katharine Falcon

With all eight artists living within a 15-mile radius of each other, Mr Colman – the man behind ‘Paint Out’ – said: “The group meets for life drawing regularly and over the years have exhibited together both in East Anglia and London at various venues: Group shows, Festivals, Galleries and even in our own homes.

“From time to time we go off on painting trips, like collectives tend to do. I think one of the reasons that we’ve stayed a cohesive force is that we do have as The Americans describe ‘shared values’ when it comes to art.

“The great thing is that Group Eight allows for mutual support. Some friendship and a chance to push some new ideas into reality helps keep the creative fire burning.”

Dulcie Humphrey from the Fairhurst Gallery said: “Group Eight are a collective of some of the finest artists working in Norfolk right now.

“We have been very keen to showcase the group since we took over the gallery in 2014. Having caught some glimpses of their work up in the framing workshop I have been increasingly inspired to seek more.

“All the artists create work inspired by the East Anglian landscape though each artist brings their own distinctive style.”

Fred Ingrams
Fred Ingrams

The exhibition runs from December, 9 2016 until January, 20 2017.

Artists taking part are Tor Falcon, James Colman, Alex Egan, Cornelia FitzRoy, Fred Ingrams, Katie Falcon, Mark Cator and Auriol Innes.

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