earwax removal using microsuction
Linda Shelton, Aural Care Practitioner, carrying out the microsuction procedure.

Norfolk Deaf Association (NDA) is offering a new Aural Care Service (earwax removal using microsuction) at its Meridian Business Park head office in Norwich.

The Aural Care clinics provide an earwax removal service, using microsuction, and are run by highly qualified registered staff nurses, who are trained and experienced in aural care procedures.

Aliona Derrett, Chief Executive Officer, NDA explained: “We are very pleased that we are able to offer this new service to the people of Norfolk, so soon after our June move into a new head office. Funding for the equipment came from a number of grant making trusts.”

“The Aural Care Service is responding to identified need in the county; we have written to all GP practices, encouraging them to refer patients. However, no formal referral is required and patients can make an appointment direct with NDA. We would very much like to offer ear wax removal as a free service, but as a charity we need to cover our costs, so currently the charge is £30.”

“I would like to thank Linda Shelton, our Aural Care Practitioner, who has helped us set up a very professional service. Our ambition is to eventually extend our clinics to other premises within the Norfolk community.”

The microsuction technique removes excessive or troublesome earwax. It is generally accepted to be the safest and most effective method, and is performed with the aid of an operating microscope and a finely calibrated suction device. The procedure is syringe free.

earwax removal using microsuction
Linda Shelton, Aural Care Practitioner, carrying out the microsuction procedure.

The removal of earwax is essential for people who use hearing aids and experience excess wax, as well as many individuals who suffer from hearing reduction due to significant earwax build up in the ear canal.

NDA currently supports more than 11,500 patients in Norfolk who use hearing aids. The charity deals with many cases where individuals stop using their hearing aid altogether, because they believe that their aid is ineffective or ‘broken’, when in fact their ear, hearing aid mould and tubes are blocked with wax.

Comments from patients:

“The procedure was fine, carried our very professionally with great care and consideration.”

“I have no hesitation in recommending the treatment to anyone. My hearing does seem so much better now. A first class, great value, service.”

“Microsuction is much cleaner, not as messy as the syringe. It was a very straightforward procedure and my hearing has improved.”

“I found the experience friendly, very professional, and good value for money, thank you.”

To make an appointment please email [email protected] or t. 01603 404440, fax 01603 404443. The Aural Care clinics are held at NDA, 14 Meridian Way, Meridian Business Park, Norwich NR7 0TA. Free parking is available for patients.

For more information about NDA and its services see www.norfolkdeaf.org.uk.