English Tourism Week NORWICH

Norwich Guided Tours – English Tourism Week, March 17 to 26 2023

To mark English Tourism Week, March 17 to 26, Paul Dickson Tours is offering eight different guided tours in Norwich and the Broads. The programme includes a new Norwich Riverside guided walk, which heads along the river from the Quayside to Pull’s Ferry and through Norwich Cathedral Close.

Paul Dickson Tours

For more information and to book tickets go to www.pauldicksontours.co.uk, email [email protected], or call 07801 1003737.

Friday 17 March at 10am, Shardlake’s Norwich, celebrating CJ Sansom’s bestseller, Tombland and looking at Norwich at the time of Kett’s Rebellion (1549). Ticket £11 includes tea/coffee at end of tour

Friday 17 March at 6pm, Historic Pubs of Norwich. Hear stories of gruesome murders, Sixties music heroes, student sit ins and much more. Ticket £10 includes half pint at end of tour

Sunday 19 March Mother’s Day at 2pm, Norwich Riverside Walk. The walk starts outside the Maids Head Hotel in Tombland, the 10th century Anglo-Danish Market Place, then heads along the river from the Quayside, the original Anglo-Scandinavian port, passing St James’ Mill, Cow Tower and Bishop’s Bridge to Pull’s Ferry, the Cathedral’s 15th century water gate. Hear about historic trade and industry, including the role of the wherry and the story of the Great Hospital. Return to Tombland through the Cathedral Close. Ticket £11, includes tea/coffee at end of tour

Tuesday 21 March at 2pm, Norwich Historic Alleys, Lanes and Passages. Walk down the former Esperanto Way. Hear stories of Hampshire Hog Yard and Ninham’s, Rigby and Watts Courts. See Gybson’s Conduit. Find out what JB Priestley thought of Norwich and Lady Eastlake thought of Jane Eyre. Pass great medieval churches, rare thatched buildings and discover a great Victorian singing teacher and why Father Ignatius caused such a furore and much more. Ticket £8.

Wednesday 22 March at 10am, Norwich: A Black History. This tour celebrates the diverse contribution of black people to the history of Norwich and Norfolk from street traders in the 18th and 19th centuries to Pablo Fanque, the UK’s first black circus impresario, the American servicemen who brought rhythm and blues and soul music to the city and Lucas the 1960s US airman, who settled in Norfolk, and gave soul to the Orford Cellar. The tour also looks at slavery – those involved in the slave trade and the abolitionists from Norfolk like Thomas Fowell Buxton, Amelia Opie and Harriet Martineau. Ticket £8

Thursday 23 March at 2.30pm, The Pastons in Norwich, following in the footsteps of the letter-writing 15th century Pastons. Discover the story of the Pastons, explore 15th century Norwich and hear readings from their famous letters, the earliest and largest collection of documents detailing everyday lives. Find out how John Paston I, his wife Margaret and their sons battled to secure their inheritance from Sir John Fastolf. Learn about a family scandal and the impact of the Wars of the Roses. Listen to the first Valentine. Ticket £8.

Friday 24 March at 9.30am, Fairhaven Garden and the ‘Cathedral of the Broads’. A half-day guided tour exploring part of Fairhaven Garden, the village of Ranworth and surrounding countryside, including St Helen’s Church, known as ‘the Cathedral of the Broads’. The tour starts and finishes at Fairhaven Garden. Ticket £18, includes tea/coffee and cake at end of tour, plus donation to Ranworth Church.

Friday 24 March at 6pm, Norwich on the Dark Side looks at the darker side of Norwich, crime, punishment, filth and misery. Hear about grizzly tales of the plague, the horror of Lollards Pit, drunken 17th century antics, celebrated Victorian murders and executions, floods, filth and grime. Ticket £8.