The secret diary of a debt collector

Not A Nice Story!
Do Not Read if you have a weak stomach.

Just to repeat the above warning, this is an illustration of what a debt collector can encounter, not a “humorous” story . . .

I went to a call in a village outside of Norwich. Easy enough to spot the address, in a street of manicured lawns there was only one that looked like a bomb site. Late evening and getting dark, only one room was lit . . .

Knock on the door was answered by a man leaning out of the lounge window, there was an unpleasant smell wafting out but that’s something that can go with the job at times.

I introduced myself and approached the window. The one bulb was only just bright enough to see my work sheet by, unfortunately it was also bright enough to see several piles of faeces (poo) – not just on the lounge floor but also along the window sill.

The stench was amazing. This in itself isn’t that unusual, there are a surprising number of people that live like this, not bothering to clear up after the cat or dog.

After a brief discussion over the debt (I wasn’t hanging around) he wanted to see the paperwork better, so he came outside to have a better look. I noticed he’d left the front door open and warned him in case his dog ran out.

“It’s ok mate” he replied “I haven’t got any pets”!

The piles all over the floor were his. More worrying was the fact he must have been carefully balancing on the window sill, (facing towards the road) in order to go to the toilet.

As I said, not a nice story but I’ve included it just to show that the job isn’t always a series of funny tales.

from: The world’s worst debt collector