Media lecturer Alex tries to seduce a young blonde student with a trip to his Greek villa to investigate a collection of some vintage canisters that appear to contain film shot by Alfred Hitchcock in 1919, before he became famous.  Will the heat of a Mediterranean summer and the temptation of discovering a lost Hitchcock film break down her resistance?

Cut to Hollywood in 1959 – Hitchcock is auditioning a blonde for the “Psycho” shower scene. But she has designs on being Hitch’s next leading lady and is prepared to do whatever it takes… or is she?

Watch the two stories spool out and intertwine as the two men pursue their image of the perfect blonde. “Hitchcock Blonde” is about sex, obsession and yearning for the unobtainable.

Featuring in Greece Edward Wallis (Alex), Libby Waite (Nicola) and in Hollywood  Gemma Johnston (Blonde) and John Mangan (Hitchcock) –  Hitchcock Blonde does contain some bad language, nudity and scenes of a sexual nature

Directed by John Holden

Hitchcock Blonde

Thursday 20th  February to Saturday 1st March 2014

with nightly shows at 7.30pm

2.30pm Matinee performance on Saturday 1st March

Closed Sunday

Tickets £12.00 / £10.00 / £8.00

Online at www.maddermarket.co.uk or on 01603 620917