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Michelle Tresemer

Six Fun Accessories That Show Off Your Custom Motorbike

While most may have their motorbikes stored away for the winter season, warmer weather is fast approaching – bringing with it ideal weather to ride the streets in style. Most owners of motorbikes cherish their vehicles and value the freedom and individuality that they provide.

Performance is the name of the game with respect to motorbike ownership, but that doesn’t mean that aesthetic charm and style shouldn’t be considered as well. Giving your motorbike the visual appeal that reflects your personal tastes is not only doable but also helps encourage you to take it for a ride more often.

In the spirit of customising your motorbike and getting more value out of it, let’s look at six fun accessories you can use to spruce up its aesthetic charm and appeal.

Stylish Motorbike Saddlebags

Let’s be honest, a motorbike isn’t the most convenient form of transportation if you’re trying to haul various items with you. As such, adding a bit of style and functionality is a big priority for riders.

A variety of stunning, durable and custom saddlebags for your motorbike may prove to be a valuable investment. With options that are made from real leather and choices that are weatherproof and made of durable fibreglass, options exist for riders of all styles.

Juggling your mobile devices, keys and any other items you need to transport can be daunting – after all, you only have so many pockets and limited storage space in the case of some motorbikes. Stylish saddlebags can show off the beauty of your bike and provide some practical use simultaneously.

Motorcycle Number Plates

Bespoke motorbike accessories are very popular, with options for almost every piece and part of the bike available. Many bike owners love to attend shows where riders show off their unique motorbikes and bespoke work.

If making your bike look good when on display, on the street and even at home is desirable, then consider motorcycle number plates. These unique plates are designed using laser cutting and CNC machining techniques to produce a truly customised product that highlights your personality.

Number1plates is one manufacturer of beautiful, bespoke motorcycle number plates, offering a wide variety of custom designs that conform to DVLA law. Rather than settling for bike plates that are utterly bland, they allow bikers to customise their plate colours and shapes to add style and character. If this appeals to the biker in you, then you can learn more at

Motorbike Show Chrome Accessories

Many motorbike enthusiasts love to upgrade various parts or outright change the physical appearance of key bike elements. For those who enjoy showing off their bikes and protecting them at the same time, upgrading to chrome accessories may prove to be useful.

Often providing additional protection against the elements, chrome wheels, bars, and exhaust pipes are a few options that bikers often seek in upgrades. However, the selection of chrome accessories available today is vast, allowing a seemingly unlimited number of choices that balance style and practicality.

Gijs Coolen

Custom Motorbike LED Lights

Motorbike enthusiasts have to juggle many unique challenges when enjoying their past-time. Besides the limited storage and shielding from inclement weather, all-around safety is also a concern.

Particularly at night, proper lighting and visibility can be a problem for drivers who may not see a motorbike in front of them. Customised LED lights for your motorbike not only help solve this problem but can make your ride stick out in an aesthetic sense as well.

Everything from auxiliary LED riding lights and tail lights to light bars and accent kits can add a vivid hue to your riding experience. Perfect for bike shows, these lighting accessories can be used to create a one-of-a-kind style while also providing additional safety and visibility while driving in rain or at night.

Customised Motorbike Wheels

Arguably one of the most important aesthetic elements of any motorbike, your wheels say a lot about your personality. Showing off your uniqueness through a bespoke set of spokes isn’t uncommon in the world of motorbikes – and with so many options to consider, there’s something for everybody.

Custom machined wheels and billet wheels are a couple of options available to bikers. Along with that, plenty of accessories – such as painted rotors, calipers, and in-wheel lighting – can further enhance the visual appeal of your bike’s street presence.

Bluetooth Cameras & Headsets

Last but not least, showing off your custom motorbike doesn’t just involve passing people on the street or heading to bike shows. Many avid riders love to share videos of their bikes and journeys on sites like YouTube.

Being able to capture every moment of your motorbike ride is easily done via the use of Bluetooth cameras and helmet headsets. Some of the best motorbike helmet cameras on the market cost as little as £50. With these nifty cameras, you can live stream to your mobile devices or store the video for upload later. By showcasing the beauty of your custom bike and the fun you had on each trip, you can encourage more people to join the motorbiking world and share their own stories!

While everybody certainly has different tastes, we’re confident that many of these custom accessories will be to your liking. By adding a bit of flair and visual appeal to your motorbike, you’ll catch the eyes of passers-by and make each time you go for a ride a more enjoyable experience.