photo courtesy Keith Moore

Sand levels are to be topped up at the popular Suffolk beach resort.

Natural conditions have been seen as the cause for the gradual erosion of the beaches either side of Southwold’s pier, Waveney District Council said.

Now the council is beginning work to build up levels between groynes by pushing back material that has been lost into the sea.

“We have had problems which have seen the beaches lose their sand,” Councillor Ken Sale said.

“These works will ensure that they are ready for the summer season,” he added.

By rebuilding the levels the council said it hopefully would encourage extra beach material to be deposited naturally.

Areas of the beach are due to be closed between each pair of groynes at a time.

“The tide cycle must be right to complete this replenishment and we have agreed that action needs to be taken on the first available tides,” Mr Sale said.

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