Sponsors Wanted:

Iceni Post is urgently looking for new major sponsors. Can you help?


Dear Reader,

We have just been informed that our major sponsor is to leave us at the end of May. So we are now in the urgent process of looking for new sponsors to help us to continue to publish and promote local information to our valued readers and subscribers.

We receive no other funding to run Iceni Post, so it is imperative that we get support from local businesses/benefactors to enable us to continue to promote as many small and worthy causes as we have done over the past 8 years.

We would of course promote any sponsors though Iceni Post on a daily basis.

If you can help, or know of anyone you think may be interested, please email us urgently so that we can get back to you with more information.

Thank You,

Nigel and Susan Bedingfield

Editors Iceni Post

Optional contributions

We would really appreciate any help at the moment.

If anyone whose events we have promoted in the past feel they would like to contribute in some way, they can make a small donation to us via PayPal at [email protected]