Creatives from across the East prepare to exhibit at Norwich’s

Spring Art Show

Spring Art Show
Elizabeth Monahan – Girls Day Out. Credit Elizabeth Monahan

Artists from across the East of England are preparing to exhibit at the Spring Art Show in the heart of Norwich city centre.

The exhibition, a staple event in Norfolk’s art calendar, will return for its ninth outing this April.

The Spring Art Show, which takes place in the Atrium at the Forum, will gather together an eclectic mix of artists working in a range of art forms and styles.

Organised by Norwich artist Brian Korteling the exhibition is open between 6th and 10th April.

Annually attracting thousands of visitors, the original works and prints on show will all be for sale.

Brian Korteling said: “After the past couple of years it’s great to be back in the Forum showing art.

“This year’s show will see more than 50 artists exhibiting some really exciting and sometimes challenging work.

“With some well-known and some lesser well-known artists all from the East of England, the exhibition will be a real celebration of local creativity and talent.”

Some of the artists taking part include…

John Sparks.

Self-taught oil painter John Sparks, whose work in held in private collections worldwide, said: “My intimate and introspective works carry an atmospheric quality, and a sense of yearning.

“I am absolutely delighted to be exhibiting at this year’s Spring Art Show. It’s a fantastic event, located in the beautiful atrium of the Forum – it’s an exciting, energetic and vibrant assembly of some of the best artists in the region, boasting a wonderfully diverse range of disciplines. I will be exhibiting some recently completed oil paintings, which I’m very excited about.”

Will Teather

“The Spring Art Show is one of the first large events in the region’s calendar for 2022.

“It sees the art community come together again after our winter hibernation in our studios. I look forward to seeing faces old and new. I shall be exhibiting new fractal paintings, that explode historical compositions around their key energy points, and previewing a few new works ahead of my one- person exhibition in London this May.”

Rory McShane

Potter Rory McShane, an artist and teacher who lives near Wramplingham and teaches at Wymondham College, said: “Recently I have been making pottery with clay dug from the ditch where I live, aiming to capture a sense of movement and energy in the landscape. I like how in pottery, the briefest mark or gesture can be fixed with a sense of permanence by the intense heat of the kiln.

“I am looking forward to exhibiting in the Spring show as I think the Forum attracts a diverse audience from all over the region who may not necessarily have come specially to see an Art show but who will hopefully react with enthusiasm to the work on show!”

Bella Bigsby

“I am an artist working in oils. Having lived and exhibited my work in California for the past 18 years, I recently returned home to my native Norfolk, England.

“I am delighted to be taking part in the Spring Art Show at The Forum this year. It’s an amazing, open and accessible space full of light and energy

“My work is an emotive response to nature. In my oil on canvas paintings I combine tangible elements of the world around me with my memories of landscape and home and also a love of the magical nature of myth and fairy tale.

“Whilst in the States, my longing for home expressed itself through my paintings. Since my return, the nature that surrounds me continues to inspire me every day.

“I will be exhibiting a selection of new oil on canvas paintings inspired by the birds, trees and land/ seascapes of Norfolk. I will also have a selection of framed and unframed limited edition prints available.”

Rachel Collier-Wilson

Rachel became a full-time artist in 2018, after graduating with a BA Fine Art from Central Saint Martins in 1990. She uses sketching, printing and painting in her work.

“The common thread throughout my creativeness is my love of drawing. I grew up in the Peak District and have lived in London and New Zealand and now Norwich. All of these experiences feed into my creativity. This results in a balance of work which is often inspired by nature and work based on the female figure informed by life experiences.

“Throughout the lockdown I observed crows flitting between properties on the roof tops and imagined they were our connections with others, passing messages between households about activities and talk of cancelled plans. There was communication within communities ‘as the crow flies’ so to speak, telling tales of our journeying through difficult and challenging times.

“I will be including drawings and monoprints with a corvid theme in addition to other work.”

Tatiana Bogracheva

Tatiana graduated as a physicist and has had a scientific career.

“Being a scientist requires imagination and creativity, which helped me to get a step into the world of art. I am inspired by photography as a medium of self-expression. I am also greatly inspired by the possibilities for combining artistic photography and digital painting.

“My pictures and picture portfolios have been published in several books and magazines. I have exhibited my work solo and as part of different groups for more than ten years.

“Several times I have had the pleasure of taking part in a Spring Art Show. I was invited to exhibit my work at the RHS art and photography Show in the RHS Exhibition Hall in London and was awarded a bronze medal by a panel of judges.

“This year I will present a warm-hearted panel of fine art canvasses with flowers, landscapes and semi-abstract pictures The art creation process for me is mindfulness, which I hope comes across in my pictures.”

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