Live Art Wymondham

Live Art in Wymondham presents 6 distinctive artists on Saturday 27th August, at Wymondham Market Place at 11:30 am.

Presenting an array of joyous, participatory and divisive performances.

Live Art in Wymondham will bring together artists from the Norfolk region and from further afield.

The event will start off at Wymondham Market Square then will move to the Abbey where there will be a performance by Nicky Deely, a New Zealand born artist living and working in Norfolk.

Deeley ‘s work explores the fascination with the uncanny, and a need to reveal, catalog, and inhabit, the archetypes, objects, and characters…

Along side Nicky, these are the lit of artists taking part in the event


Jasmine Loveys

Weeks & Whitford

Francesca Cant & Nicole Hudson Charlotte Barlow

Live Art in Wymondham is made possible by the generosity of our supporters who supported our crowd funding bid and helped make this event possible.

We would also like to thank South Norfolk Council and Wymondham Town Council for their support.

LIVE Art in Wymondham is about bringing work that is often in isolation of specific forums to a space where such activities might never be seen.