Stowmarket-based wood chipper manufacturer, Timberwolf, is launching a campaign to help its industry prepare for the latest round of government engine emissions legislation, known as Stage V.

In the East, more than 1,000 people work in the sector, contributing more than £36 million to the UK economy* – and ‘Stage V’, is set to have an impact on their essential machinery.

As part of the Government’s commitment to reduce engine emissions, non-road mobile machinery, including wood chippers, will be affected in the latest round of changes.

The ‘All the Facts, #NoOmissions’ campaign, launched this week, setting out facts and information about ‘Stage V’, which takes effect in January 2019. Timberwolf, which has more than 30 years of industry experience, is taking the lead in providing clarity over the legislation, following speculation and misinformation surrounding the new rules.

Pre-Stage V diesel engines used in machines above 25hp, such as wood chippers, mowers and stump grinders, will no longer be produced after this year, so when Timberwolf and other manufacturers have used their stocks of these engines, new diesel machines will be fitted with Stage V-compliant engines that produce less emissions.

The ‘All the Facts, #NoOmissions’ campaign is running across Timberwolf’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels, and includes striking graphics to set out the facts around the legislation, making Stage V accessible to everyone.


Timberwolf Product Marketing Manager Antony Alexander said: “Our industry isn’t well known to the general public, but with the Eastern region alone contributing £36 million to the UK economy, arboriculture is a thriving business. Everyone knows about the benefits of reducing the emissions produced by diesel cars, but now tree surgeons, who use wood chippers every day, need to understand what it means for their machines.

“Our ‘All the Facts, #NoOmissions’ campaign is about setting out the facts as lots of people are being told diesel machines can no longer be used, which is totally wrong.  Current diesel wood chippers can be used and traded after the implementation of Stage V in same way they can be today but new machines will be built with new technology so our industry plays its part in reducing engine emissions in the future.

“This is the start of a new wave of innovation in our industry, and we’re excited to be leading the way in designing Stage V compliant machines with unrivalled performance.”

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Timberwolf Company Overview

Leading the Pack for over 30 Years

Timberwolf specialises in the manufacture of professional wood chippers. We have come a long way since our first chipper was introduced over 30 years ago. Today and over 13,000 machines later, Timberwolf has succeeded in becoming the largest seller of commercial wood chippers in Europe and continues to grow globally.

Unparalleled experience and value for money

With our innovative research and design process we continue to set new levels of performance and quality within the industry. Leading performance and highest residual value makes Timberwolf the undisputed best value for money chipper on the market.

The Wolves are out there

Timberwolf provides the highest quality of service via a committed dealership network throughout the UK and Europe. All our dealers can provide local expert advice and support, quickly and efficiently, as and when required.

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