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With Creativity and Wellbeing Week just around the corner, we’re enjoying spending time with our friends and colleagues in the culture and health sectors across the region, sharing news of the national Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance, and debating important issues such as social prescribing.

For those of you that are in need of a bit of creativity and wellbeing of your own this month, why not join us at La Tour Cycle Cafe in Ipswich on 12th June for our free creative session, taking place as part of our Suffolk Open Studios Exhibition this year.

Wishing you well this month,

Alex and Hayley, Co-Directors

La Tour Cycle Cafe

It’s nearly time for our Suffolk Open Studios Exhibition at La Tour Cycle Cafe

From Thursday 6th June until the end of the month, we’re showing a variety of joyful, inspiring and moving mixed media works created by our participants and students, including family carers, school pupils, care home residents and adults with learning disabilities. Read more about our exhibition.

Suffolk County Council

A big thank you to Suffolk County Council

We’ve had a great twelve months as Suffolk County Council’s Chairman’s chosen charity, and as the year ends, it’s only left for us to say a huge thank you to Chairman, Michael Ladd, and his colleagues for their support. Read more about the support we received as the Chairman’s chosen charity.

Developing the arts

Developing the arts, culture and health sector in the East

Earlier this month, our Co-Director, Alex Casey, led the very first Culture Health East Network event, which focused on the hot topic of Social Prescribing. It was a huge success, bringing over 100 professionals together working in the arts, culture and health sectors for an afternoon of networking, discovery and debate. Read more about the event.

Leo Burtin

Meet the Artist: Leo Burtin

Possibly one of the UK’s only ‘theatre chefs’, this month’s artist loves to use food and cooking as a way of sharing stories and provoking conversations. He’s full of exciting and tasty ideas – this year he will be inviting family carers taking part in our Around the Table project to ‘bake their biography’! free creative session.

A big thank you to Suffolk Tai Chi Academy for their incredibly generous donation this month! If you take part in a group or club that raises funds for charity, we’d love it if you would consider us as a future recipient of your support.

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