“Tales and Ales”

A Night of Storytelling

at the Locks Inn, Geldeston

 Thursday 18th July 2013 – 8pm

This brilliant production is a collaboration between Jim Kavanagh and Liam Carroll,

They share an interest in the mythology of Ireland and have worked together on this selection of tales from The Tain, a this vast body of archaic lore.

Written down by Irish monks in the 700’s but believed to originate from a much older oral traditions, the stories provide a glimpse into the society of Celtic warrior aristocracy which never came under the direct influence of Rome.

Full of rich imagery and extraordinary characters, these tales tell of a time when magic was a powerful force, of mighty deeds & daring cattle raids in ancient Ireland, with talking eels, a thirsty corpse and a shameless & dangerous warrior Queen.

Definitely not to be missed!!

The set lasts for approximately one hour so there will still be time for a few Irish tales from the floor.


Suzanne the Storyweaver. 

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