Movies from Martin Lawrence
Photo by Myke Simon on Unsplash

The Best Movies from Martin Lawrence

One can never doubt the amount of talent that oozes out of Martin Lawrence whenever he is on set.  And, his Bad Boy performance can make one of the australian online casino of all time. In order to appreciate the talent, we have decided to give you our top movie picks from this talented actor.

House Party

House Party not only merits Martin’s top movie yet, but it also helped Martin become one of the major Television personalities of the 1990s! Yet, following dominating the stage as “Dragon Breath” Bilal in House Party, he won the title TV program, Martin, almost immediately. Moreover, his House Party co-star, Tisha Campbell, went on to feature in the successful sitcom with Martin. Given their comic connection in House Party, it’s easy to see why producers put the two on television.

Bad Boys for Life

Even though there was concern about the amount of weight he had gained, the actor managed to give a stellar performance and he continued to be blackjack online player. The new Bad Boys is a coming-of-age action film in which its two ferocious stars ponder their age and legacy. Martin and Will’s chemistry is better than ever, making this arguably the finest picture in the trilogy. If you haven’t watched this movie then you are definitely missing out.


This movie will definitely leave you shedding one or two tears. Martin and Eddie returned for the movie, Life, a serious and emotional prison comedy, after acting together on Boomerang. Ted Demme’s film depicts two buddies who are falsely charged and jailed in Mississippi in 1932. The two men develop a lifetime relationship of contemplation, remorse, sadness, love, and even triumph after being sentenced to life in prison. Despite being imprisoned, Rayford (Eddie) and Claude (Martin) achieve inner peace and liberation while they serve their sentences.