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The Bluebeards Revenge set to help The Fire Fighters Charity

Here’s some news from the makers of The Bluebeards Revenge™ which I’ve blogged about mainly because they’ll be donating 50p from each tub sold to The Fire Fighters Charity and Operation Florian.

“Millions of men all over the world share a common problem – they suffer from tough stubble that defies the attentions of every shaving cream or foam known to man, and blunts the edge of even the keenest razor. These men are known as “Blue-Beards”. These testosterone filled men, with jawlines of sand paper tough stubble, have suffered for eternity down to their masculine beard growth, but they can breathe a (manly) sigh of relief, as there is finally a shaving solution that works!

“Designed by a dyed-in-the-wool, real life Blue-Beard, who was bored to death with being a Desperate Dan lookalike, The Bluebeards Revenge™ is perhaps the world’s finest shaving solution.

“The Bluebeards Revenge™ is launched this summer after years of testing, where every existing product was tested and dispensed with in turn, before the perfect, final formula was settled upon. Concocted from the finest ingredients and manufactured in the UK – The Bluebeards Revenge™ is available now to make every alpha-male’s life easier, featuring the secret ingredient, Decelerine™.

“This miracle ingredient is exclusive to this product, and is scientifically proven to actually reduce the growth of hair over a period of time, so every time a man shaves with The Bluebeards Revenge™, he is actively delaying hair growth. Over a 60-day period, this can reduce the growth of stubble by up to 40%, meaning a man can get on with what he does best – manliness – without sporting a 5 o’clock shadow by lunchtime.

“Don’t take our word for it. Try it and see the miraculous reduction in stubble over just a few weeks, and see for yourself why every man who wonders why he can never achieve the ‘close shave’ that the glamorous TV ads talk about, can now realise this dream.

“However, this luxurious shaving cream is more than just a miracle secret formula, and is a signature scent chosen by shaving enthusiasts, based on a fresh and classic English barbershop scent with a modern twist. The aroma and sumptuous thick lather makes shaving a genuine pleasure.

“The Bluebeards Revenge™ is available exclusively at priced £14.99.  A tub will last approximately 3-5 months.”

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