Tourism Boom
David T

The East Is Set To Enjoy A Tourism Boom: How You Can Cash In

The East of the UK looks set to enjoy a burst of tourism in the future, with governing bodies and bosses in the region optimistic about the market’s future.

Staycations are increasingly popular in the UK, and with the natural beauty and wide range of attractions in the East, the region looks set to enjoy lots of visitors in the future.

For those looking to build a business in this thriving market, here are some creative ideas that will suit any budding entrepreneur.

Transport Services

Visitors to a new area often require transport to take them from their accommodation to the attractions they want to visit, so consider offering taxi or private car hire services. Make sure you have a vehicle that’s large enough to carry a wide range of different visiting groups and presentable, so that your business looks professional. One great option is a van, so check out the new Mercedes Vito deals from Swiss Vans. The firm offers cost-effective leasing options, which allow you to drive the latest model van at a great price, meaning you can create a profitable and popular transport business in no time.

Hotel Support Solutions

Accommodation providers need support with everything from laundry and catering through to maintenance, so consider offering these services if you have the skills and expertise. This will give you the opportunity to diversify an existing business or start an exciting new venture. Position yourself in the hospitality market by gaining some clients in this space and then offering them as case studies on your website. This will show potential clients in the hotel and accommodation markets that you’re experienced and able to provide them with the tailored service they require.

Provide Guided Tours

Picturesque regions of the East, such as Norwich, Newmarket and the Suffolk coast, deserve to be seen in all their glory. A great way to facilitate this is to offer guided tours. This will allow you to put your local knowledge to good use and showcase your hometown’s full potential to visitors from around the world.

Create Souvenir Products

Tourists love to buy keepsakes to remind them of their experiences and gifts to give to their loved ones, so consider producing locally themed items that will inspire and excite. From food and drink products made with locally sourced ingredients, through to small items like boxes and bags with images of regional sites on them, you can find inventive ways to help visitors to appreciate and remember the beauty of your local area.

Become An Airbnb 

Opening a hotel can be incredibly expensive, so consider becoming an Airbnb instead. This short-term letting option will allow you to supplement your income with the minimum of fuss. With a little savvy and dedication, you can quickly make your spare space profitable using this innovative platform. By welcoming a variety of guests into your home, you’ll also be able to make new memories and enjoy invigorating new experiences.