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Is an innovative murder mystery from the pen of award winning and critically acclaimed playwright Tobias Nicholls.

A brand new play that is unique in the fact that it is specifically tailored to each venue that it appears in.

An unscheduled rehearsal is called and during it rising star Carina Harris is found dead. Now the play’s director must turn detective in order to find out which of the temperamental cast members is a killer. No easy task as the plot takes many twists and turns before the killer is revealed.

This new play, which is already being well received, is expertly scripted and is one that is sure to get you guessing WHODUNNIT?

To find out…. come and see the play at
The Fisher Theatre, 10 Broad Street, Bungay on
Friday 29th July at 7.30pm tickets £10, box office : 01986 897130.


Tobias is 36 has lived in Norfolk for most of his life and has spent all his working life in the theatre, either off stage, covering everything from steward through technical and to general manager, or on stage as an actor – writer which is his first love.

As well as his work he had also formed Purple-Dreams as an am-dram group and through the quality of his writing and acting won many awards both as an actor and for his original scripts. In 2011 he left his day job at the theatre turned Purple-Dreams into a professional touring theatre company and has taken his writing and acting talents to entertain a much wider audience by touring theatres.

Now into the fourth year of his self-funded tours, the journey has taken them from Essex to Bridlington across country to Cumbria and back with many places in between, and as well as being critically acclaimed as a ‘rising talent’ he is gaining the reputation of delivering high quality audience entertainment. His plays  range from comedy’s through to much darker dramas but in all of them there are twists and turns in the plot which keep you guessing right to the very end.

His inspiration can come at anytime and from anywhere, sometimes just a word or phrase can set off a train of thoughts and when it does he sits and writes, sometimes for hours on end, until the plot emerges, then working on the theory that life always throws you a few curve balls he develops the twists and turns and surprises that characterise all his plays.

Tobias is the creative director and as well as writing all the plays he directs and acts in them. When he is not in theatres he and Purple-Dreams do T.i.E. and pantomimes in schools, and away from the group he has also been doing film and t.v. work.