crumbling old beach hut

 The Lonely Beach Hut

By Andy Kemp

Published by Olympia Publishers
28/05/2020, £5.99,  Paperback,

ISBN: 978-1-78830-467-2

Falling down, forgotten by those having fun at the far end of the beach, the Lonely Beach Hut wonders if he will ever have friends, a family and a dog of his own? Read how feeling different, can still lead to being happy and accepted.

Inspiration for this story came from engaging walks along Norfolk and Suffolk’s coastal beach hut spots. Whilst enjoying the variety of styles, names and colours of beach huts, the author realised that they had characters and personalities of their own, and stories and adventures they could share.

The Lonely Beach Hut

“The book is a ‘feel good’ story about a crumbling old beach hut, who gets ‘adopted’ and done up and finds a family of his own. There is a strong message of how feeling anxiety and loneliness, can become joy when finding you can be accepted as your are by new friends and new family.”
Norfolk and Suffolk
“The story is for 0-7 year olds, is available to view on Goodreads, and to purchase online for £5.99 and Amazon and later when we can, with Smiths, Waterstones and local book shops.”

story is for 0-7 year olds



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