Visitors to England have many choices when it comes to the places they want to visit. England has numerous tourist spots. The choice is yours whether to go to the south (Essex), west (Cambridgeshire), north (Norfolk) or east (Suffolk). If you opt for the latter i.e. Suffolk you can look forward to sightseeing some of these magnificent attractions.

Suffolk Coast

 The Suffolk Coast 

The Suffolk Coast is one of the top attractions in the east. Suffolk Coast boasts of four main tourist spots. The first one is the Aldeburgh village. This is a conservative village that has two main assets, that is, fabulous dishes and a cultural centre. Visitors to the Aldeburgh village can get to taste the dishes that were enjoyed by people who lived in this part of the world centuries ago. Aldeburgh village also has a cultural centre that showcases artwork and the history of the people of Suffolk and neighbouring areas. The second spot is the Dunwich village. Dunwich village is a coastal town where you get to see wildlife. The third spot is the Orford village. This is a small fishing village where you get to go on a fishing expedition with the locals. There are also some warm restaurants in Orford where the locals hang out and tell the tales of days gone by. The fourth spot is Lowestoft. Lowestoft is a white sandy beach where visitors can spend the day relaxing catching fresh air from the ocean’s breezes. 

Newmarket Racecourse

Newmarket Horseracing Course 

Anyone who has ever visited a land-based casino in the UK or who has placed horse-racing bets at an online casino such as or sports betting sites such as, must have come across or seen this name before. Newmarket horseracing course is one of the oldest racecourses in the world and the most popular in England. There are two courses at Newmarket and it supports 75 licensed trainers. On any given day, you are likely to catch a race or more when you visit Newmarket Horseracing Course. 

Apex theatre

Bury St Edmunds 

Bury St Edmunds is a beautiful ancient building that currently houses numerous services. At the Bury St Edmunds, you will find the Apex, Royal Theatre and the Regency Theatre. These are all great theatres where you can watch a movie or catch a live performance, especially on weekends. The Moyse Hall Museum is also found inside the Bury St Edmunds. Moyse Hall Museum showcases artwork and jewellery worn by the Royal Family during the European mediaeval times. There are also two pubs, the Nutshell and the Greene King Beer where you can taste both indigenous and non-indigenous beers. There are also standing structures from mediaeval Europe namely the West Stow and St Edmundsbury Cathedral. 

Constable Country

Ipswich and Constable Country 

In Constable Country, it’s all about getting to familiarise yourself with Constable’s artwork. Ipswich and Constable Country is home to the largest collection of Constable’s artwork outside of London. Constable’s artwork in Ipswich is found at the Christchurch Mansion. Apart from Constable’s artwork, in this part of Suffolk, you can enjoy some peaceful walks in and around the greater Suffolk area familiarising yourself with the top retailers, restaurants and bars in Suffolk.