promoting gardening and fundraising
John andJudy McNeill Wilson

Twenty years’ promoting gardening and fundraising

Congratulations, a big thank you, plus a new garden hand fork was delivered to John and Judy McNeil Wilson in their beautiful garden at West Beckham, nr Holt.  This was to mark and celebrate 20 years opening of their garden in support of the National Garden Scheme in Norfolk.

Opening twice a year, the mature three-acregarden has a collection of many rare and unusual plants and trees. Chestnut Farm annually supports the Snowdrop Festival, showing their 100+ varieties of snowdrops, as well as drifts of crocus and seasonal flowering shrubs.

A later opening in May sees the appearance of wood anemones and fritillary, a wildflower walk, pond, small arboretum, croquet lawn and colourful herbaceous borders. A May highlight in the garden is the flowering of the Handkerchief tree, Cercis and Camassias.

The garden also opens on a ‘by arrangement’ basis between February and October, which means they are happy to show small groups around the garden on a pre-agreed date.  Groups can book a visit by contacting John or Judy by phone or email.  Details can be found on the National Garden Scheme website.

Julia Stafford Allen, County Organiser presented the couple with their celebration garden fork on behalf of the National Garden Scheme, and said “it is an honour to thank John and Judy for their sustained support of our scheme.  Gardening is a rewarding but physical past time, and getting a garden ready for visitors, year after year, and twice a year, is a fantastic achievement, and has raised significant funds for our health charities”.

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