County Fairs
Photo by Aranxa Esteve on Unsplash

Unique Events Across The UK

The United Kingdom is home to a wide range of inspiring and invigorating events, so if you’re looking for exciting gatherings to attend then check out our list of some of the most quirky and exciting ones based across the country.

Cheese Rolling 

A Gloucester tradition, cheese rolling has become one of the UK’s most unusual hobbies, with events now hosted throughout the country. This exhilarating and potentially dangerous sport involves a large wheel of cheese being launched down a hill, with runners chasing it down. The resulting spectacle is hilarious and exciting, and there’s usually cheese served afterwards, meaning it’s great for sports fans and cheese lovers alike.

County Fairs

Rustic and traditional, a county fair is a get together of a range of local businesses and suppliers from across any given county, who all showcase their wares and services. There are usually livestock displays, demonstrations and speeches by local business leaders and various food stalls where visitors can treat themselves to a delicious snack. These renowned events are a great way to see the famed British hospitality at its finest.

Flying Events 

From displays of flying prowess through to exhibitions of light aircrafts from across the country, there are loads of flying events operating in the UK, meaning that aviation admirers can find something to entice and encourage them. If you’re interested, then keep an eye out for flying events hosted by aircraft experts to enjoy the thrill of seeing some of the country’s best aircrafts in action.

The Winter Solstice At Stonehenge 

An annual event, the sunrise on the first day of winter is best seen at Stonehenge, the UK’s bizarre arrangement of prehistoric boulders located in Wiltshire. Neo-druids, wizards and hippies from across the country and around the world gather together to celebrate the solstice and see in the new season. This mystical gathering is a sight to behold, so check it out if you want to experience something truly unique and meet intriguing new people.


In their native Jamaica, carnivals are a national tradition, and the versions hosted in the UK are no less dramatic and exciting. Featuring incredible costumes, thundering music and entrancing dance routines, these bold and colourful events are a great way to immerse yourself in another culture. Hosted throughout the UK, carnivals are usually free to watch as they occur in public streets, meaning anyone can join in with the fun.

Competitive Eating Challenges

Previously an American phenomenon, over the years the UK has started to appreciate the appeal of watching ordinary people attempt to eat incredible amounts of food. As a result, there are now a variety of different food challenges offered up and down the country, and they’re usually hosted in eateries that offer spectators the chance to get involved in the camaraderie beforehand, then eat tasty meals afterwards, all of which makes for an intense experience that you’re unlikely to forget.

Gatherings and meetups are a chance to meet more people and experience new things, so use this list of events to get out there in 2020 and make some great new memories!