Two exhibitions – Steampunk Jewellery and Norfolk Whittling can be enjoyed on 5th – 6th and 12th – 13th April at Beyond the Image Photographers’ Gallery on the Thornham Estate a few miles south of Diss.

Visitors to the gallery should use the Thornham Walks car park (small charge) and follow the sign boards to the gallery.
Thornham Walks also offers 12 miles of woodland walks, a children’s play area and refreshments from the Forge Tea Rooms and the Coach House Restaurant.

The gallery is open 11am – 3pm
We hope you can come and see us soon,
(on behalf of Beyond the Image)


Steampunk Jewellery by Tabitha Hall

‘Steampunk’ came into prominence in the 1980s and early 1990s. Using various materials  such as polished brass, iron, wood and leather, the craftsmanship captures the feel of engineering prowess, reminiscent of industrial Victorian Britain.

Tabitha’s business ‘Tacatria’ is a father daughter partnership, creating Steampunk inspired art pieces, jewellery, and curios.

Precision cogs, springs and pendulums are salvaged carefully from the workings of old broken time pieces. These amazing and unique watch parts usually hidden away in a case, can now be seen and admired in their own right, adorning Tacatria creations.


Norfolk Whittling

The centuries old traditional craft of shut knife carving to turn sticks from the hedge into mini works of art was done by farm workers during the winter months. Winter work included hedging and ditching, hedges trimmed, scrub removed, brambles cut back and the ditches dug out. The residue burnable material was burnt on huge bonfires, bringing comfort at lunch and tea breaks and whittling was done at this time.

No standard designs or patterns were cut, instead what was created was whatever had come into the mind of the carver as he looked at the shape of the stick he held in his hand.

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