Vote for Reece – DISNEY’S “MY CAMP ROCK”

So, he made it to the last 4 ~ Reece Cook, 11 years old having surprised his family and friends by singing in a talent show at a holiday centre. Then Helen McDermott saw him, and suggested that he had some training. The Deputy Head at Dell School Ruth Nixon, suggested to his parents and grand parents that he joined Cantor’s Theatre Schools and Centres for Performing Arts in Lowestoft in 2007. He has never looked back. Reece is a good student and is very centralised in what he is doing. His concentration is good, he picks up lyrics and movement well, and so he became a very good all rounder, in the ‘blue’ team that has got a lot of boys in it there is plenty of competition for him to deal with.

Kenny & Caron Cantor took Reece on an entertainment convention to Paris last November with a few other students from Cantor’s and it was so successful that they picked up 3 major prizes. Best overall Model at the Convention, Charlotte Hawthorne, Best overall Singer, Shani Cantor, and Reece got Best Singer under 13 years old, so, his hard work has shown to be worth it.

It must be obvious that Reece loves what he is doing and does it all with great enthusiasm. Very shortly Shani is putting him in for his singing exams with others from her Singing School.

If he gets the top prize on Friday, then look out, as he gets to be a recording star as well.

The voting is by email ONLY ~ then follow the links to my camp rock this has to be done within 30 minutes of the program “MY CAMP ROCK” ending ~ So you will have to get on line asap at the end.

Hopefully there with then be no stopping him ~ his Mum and Grandmum and indeed all the family are with him all the way together with all the boys and girls at Cantors.

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