Bungay Film Club

Monday 28 October 2019 at 7.45 pm.

WAJIB (15).

Palestine/France/Colombia/Germany/UAE/Qatar/Norway 2017.  96 minutes.  In Arabic with English subtitles.

Directed by Annemarie Jacir.  Starring Mohammad and Saleh Bacri.

An enjoyable Palestinian road movie set in Nazareth which interleaves simmering tension in the Israeli town with moments of terrific comedy.  A traditional father is reunited with his fiery, ex-pat son when the two are obliged to spend time together delivering family wedding invitations according to age-old tradition – the ‘wajib’ of the title, which loosely translates as ‘social duty’. With its rich sense of place and multidimensional characters, WAJIB is too seductive to resist.

Visit www.bungayfilmclub.com for trailers and further information.

Tickets £5 and £2.50 (members only, apologies, no other concessions) available from the Fisher Box Office or at www.fishertheatre.org.

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