The Face of Waveney 2008
A photographic snapshot of the Waveney Region

Take part in this Waveney Revels event, and you could win a 7 megapixel digital camera!

This Waveney Revels Event is being run on-line by the Waveney Valley Blog, celebrating their 1st Anniversary, and ANYONE can send in their photos to be included.

Every entrant will be added into a draw for the digital camera, which will take place on the 30th April 2008.

* * click above image to view the exhibits * *

The photographic subject can be anything that is local, people, places, art, work, animals, wildlife. . . including images of the other projects and events taking part in the Waveney Revels! Every photo will help to create a photographic profile of the Waveney Region in 2008.

The photos will be exhibited live on the internet via a page on the Waveney Valley Blog as they come in. They will be hosted indefinitely, and a similar project will be run again each year, so that they can be reviewed and compared in years to come. To view the photos go to

Photos can be sent by email to [email protected]

All you need to enter is:

Photo (jpg format, 800 x 600 pixel maximum)
Email address or telephone number
First name (for draw purposes only)
NO NAMES will be added to the snapshots unless requested

So get clicking!