No Smoking Day – Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Smokers across Norfolk are being urged to prepare for battle and to get ready to beat their addiction once and for all.

The rallying cry comes from the stop smoking experts at Smokefree Norfolk, with just one month to go before No Smoking Day. This year, the event will be held on Wednesday, March 12, and, with its theme ‘V for Victory’, it is set to inspire thousands of smokers across Norfolk to win the fight against cigarettes.

An estimated 21.3% of adults living in Norfolk smoke, but studies show that around two thirds of them would like to quit. This could be their opportunity to kick the habit.

No Smoking Day is in its 31st campaign year and remains the UK’s foremost public health event, with over one million people making a quit attempt every year. Smokers are using the day more than ever as their day to try to stop smoking.

Smokefree Norfolk, the local NHS service provided by Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust, is preparing to support all smokers in their battle against cigarettes. The service will be on hand to help smokers across Norfolk on their road to victory, providing advice, support, and encouragement in putting together a personal battle plan to go Smokefree on No Smoking Day 2014.

The service is gearing up for another busy campaign, as Service Manager Fotoula Blias explained: “No Smoking Day is a great opportunity for us to encourage and support smokers across Norfolk to make a quit attempt.

“We have clinics across the county and can provide people with one-to-one or group support, as well as medication, such as patches, mini lozenges or mouth spray to help them beat the cravings.

“We know that quitting isn’t easy but you are up to four times more likely to quit with support, so we want to reassure smokers that help is on hand that that they can win the battle against cigarettes.”

For advice on giving up smoking, contact the Smokefree Norfolk team on Freephone 0800 0854 113, text bfree and your name to 65000 or log on to


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