What Will Bingo Games Look Like in the Future?

The enduring popularity of bingo comes from the fact that it is a wonderfully simple game that anyone can play. With the switch to online bingo in the last few years, bingo has gained many new players but how else can we look forward to it changing in the years to come?

Bingo Games
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More Themed Games

The classic 90-ball and 75-ball bingo games are still popular, but they are far from the only ways of playing bingo now. The versatility of this type of game means that it can be played with any sort of theme, such as music, sport and so on. A look at the different bingo games you can play online reveals titles like Deal or No Deal, Helter Skelter and Roller Coaster, with each taking a different approach to the game. While many versions are based on 75 and 90-ball games, the use of different themes gives them each a completely different look and feel.

Live Streaming to Add Human Callers

The use of live streaming technology has already changed the face of online casinos, as players can now see a live, human dealer in games like roulette and blackjack. This adds even more excitement to the game, as the action is carried out right on the player’s screen, and the same theory can apply to bingo too.

Live bingo options have already begun to appear but it could turn out to be one of the next big trends, as more sites offer this way of playing with callers appearing on the screen. The games could be streamed from anywhere, so it also ties in with the idea of more diverse themes being offered.

Virtual Reality Could Transport Players Anywhere

For a lot of bingo fans, just being able to play the game is enough. Yet, some others may be keen to see how the latest technology could be used to add an extra dimension to the game. What about virtual reality (VR) being used to let you experience some bingo action in a giant hall, in a stadium or literally anywhere else you can think of?

In theory, VR bingo could see you crossing off your numbers on a desert island, a distant planet or in a futuristic city setting. The basic game may remain the same but no doubt being able to experience an incredible setting like this could make it feel like something completely different.

Bingo Games
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Augmented Reality Gives New Possibilities

While it is often confused with VR, augmented reality is different in that it adds details to the world around you as you see it on your screen. In this way, you could find that you need to hunt for the next number to be called in the area around you, or that each new number arrives in an animated fashion on your screen.

This clearly opens up a world of new possibilities that would let us play bingo at home or when we are out and about while experiencing it in a new way. Bingo isn’t going to go away any time soon, but the way that we play it could change massively in the future.