Photo of painting by Paul Dyson: ‘Early Light’ – Reed Buntings

A Wildlife Art Exhibition will be taking place at RSPB Minsmere nature reserve’s Discovery Centre, from Friday, 21st– Monday 24th April 2017 – open from 9.00 am-5pm.

Entry to the exhibition is free.   (Normal entry fees to RSPB Minsmere nature reserve apply).

Wildlife artist Paul Dyson will be exhibiting his latest paintings, inspired by wildlife at RSPB Minsmere and RSPB Rye Mead nature reserves, at the Discovery Centre.   Paul strives to capture the beauty of wildlife through his favoured medium of  watercolour, enhanced with gouache, which allows him to achieve the finest detail.

The acclaimed artist has won five national awards for his stunning paintings and has gained increasing popularity and success through his British bird images reproduced for RSPB merchandise.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to enjoy viewing framed and unframed paintings and prints, with a range of gifts and greeting cards which will also be available to purchase.  A percentage from all sales will be donated for conservation projects at RSPB Minsmere nature reserve, which will be celebrating its 70th anniversary on 25th April.

Photo of painting by Paul Dyson: ‘ Little Dart’ – Kingfisher

Paul Dyson, who will be in daily residence at the exhibition, said:  “I am delighted to be returning to RSPB Minsmere nature reserve, especially so close to its 70th anniversary,  as the abundance of wildlife has inspired many of my paintings, including Reed Buntings, Kingfishers, Bullfinches, Ringed Plovers, Meadow Pippets, Common Snipes and Wrens.   I do hope that wildlife enthusiasts will come along to view my latest work.”

For more information about the exhibition, visit: www.rspb.org.uk/minsmere

To view Paul Dyson’s paintings and find out about other 2017 exhibition dates visit: www.pauldysonart.com  To purchase merchandise of selected images from Paul Dyson’s paintings, visit RSPB’s online shop at www.rspbshop.co.uk




Paul Dyson has won five national awards.  All his paintings are inspired by his own personal experiences in the wild and every painting has a story behind them.

He studied Art & Design at Mansfield College of Art, taking up a career in Graphic Design and finally taking the plunge to work full-time on his wildlife & wilderness paintings 18 years ago.  Meticulous observation and research have always been a priority for Paul, taking him to many beautiful and remote areas of the world: from watching tigers in India, camping in the wild to see the dramatic wildlife of East Africa and searching for snow leopards in the Himalaya.

Paul has received considerable public recognition through exhibitions nationally.

From his travels abroad and in the UK, he has produced over 90 limited-edition prints of some of the world’s most popular wildlife.   He has worked on international-selling art books for a top London publisher, and has had his bird paintings featured in a RNLI calendar.  Through his work, Paul is able to contribute towards animal and environmental conservation.     


In 2016, RSPB chose 13 of Paul Dyson’s images to be reproduced for prints and other merchandise for its online shop.   The merchandise has been popular with visitors to the website, resulting in successful sales of these items.


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