The Halesworth Playing Field Association (HPFA) with the support of Waveney District Council is asking the people of Halesworth and the surrounding area what sports facilities they would like to see on offer in the town.

The two organisations are asking ‘what does Halesworth really want and need,’ so they can work together in developing much needed new and improved facilities for the town. The aim of the consultation is to gather real evidence to help guide future plans and the involvement of the local community is key to the project’s success.

Waveney District Councillor Mike Ryland said: “The last big, district-wide needs assessment highlighted the general lack of leisure facilities in Halesworth. We are also aware that recent difficulties in pinning down potential development sites have raised concerns that there will be a delay in addressing this deficit.”

“We would like to reiterate our commitment to improving provision in Halesworth and provide reassurance that our work with HPFA continues. We are now asking the community to give us more detail about exactly what is required, so that we can tailor our plans accordingly. Would you like a swimming pool; do you need new pitches; would you use a gym? These are the questions we are asking and we want as many people as possible to tell us what they think. This is your opportunity to guide us in making the right decisions for you.”

Commenting on the important role of this consultation in improving sporting facilities in the town, Tony Goldson, Chairman of Halesworth PFA said: “We are making plans and setting projects in motion, but we need evidence of what the town actually wants, so we know we are heading in the right direction. Only the people of Halesworth and its surrounds can tell us this and it is vital that they let us know. We’ve a number of options on the table and the results of this consultation will help direct and guide us in providing better access and improved facilities now and in the future.”

You can access the survey online via the Consultations section of the website.

Complete a consultation form online

Alternatively, you can telephone Waveney District Council’s leisure services on 01502 588444 to request a hard copy or to complete it over the telephone. Hard copies will also be available at the Council’s local offices in Halesworth, Bungay, Southwold and Beccles and at Bungay Pool and Gym.

The survey will run from Wednesday 10th March to Friday 16th April. Please let us have your views and help guide the future of sport in Halesworth.

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