Proud Club Instructors Mr and Mrs Bedingfield with Bella and Liam after the Junior presentations

Fantastic news, we have 4 New Black Belts at the club!

GTUK Black Belt gradings are a test of mental and physical abilities, 3 pattern sequences of strikes, kicks and blocks; self defence step sparring; full sparring; the breaking of 2 inch pine boards with hand and feet techniques; Korean theory along with a thesis about Taekwon-do which all students prepare in the months beforehand.

All students had to travel 150 miles to Ryton-on-Dunsmore near Coventry, where the grading took place on Saturday. This grading is a true test of our martial art, with no quarter given throughout a gruelling day, performing in front of the GTUK senior instructors including Master Aucellio 7th Degree, and Grand Master Oldham 9th Degree who’s history links the Beccles club back to the originator of Taekwon-do General Choi Hong Hi in 1955.

So our congratulations go to:

Isabella Gibson 12, Junior 1st Dan Black Belt,
Bella was also awarded best junior thesis of the grading.

Liam Mills 14, Junior 1st Dan Black Belt.

Dean Harding Adult, 1st Dan Black Belt.

Jason Drake Veteran, promoted to 1.5 Dan Black Belt

It takes great dedication and commitment to learn Taekwon-do, with up to 4 years training to become a 1st Dan Taekwon-do Black Belt, on your journey you achieve a great level of confidence, strength, fitness and can make lifetime friendships along the way.

Back in the Dojang, instructors and their new Black Belts.

Come and Try Taekwondo in Beccles > Free Session > Free T-Shirt!

Taekwondo now in Lowestoft

iceni taekwondo lowestoft

Iceni Taekwon-do Classes at Ormiston Boston Lodge, Lowestoft

Offering martial arts classes at Ormiston Boston Lodge is a great addition to the community centre which is available for meetings, groups, parties and more.

Mr and Mrs Bedingfield started teaching Taekwon-do to new students from Wednesday the 18th of October. After meeting with the manager of Ormiston Boston Lodge, Sharon Tejada Jimenez, it was decided this would be the perfect location to bring their martial art into Lowestoft. The couple have been running the successful Beccles Taekwon-do club for several years, with many members travelling from Lowestoft, so it seemed the right thing to do to bring Taekwon-do to Lowestoft too.

Initially the classes will be in 2 sessions, with the 1st session free for those wanting to give it a try:

Family sessions all ages from 5+
Wednesdays – from 3.45pm to 5pm

‘Old Tigers’ sessions ages 35+ Wednesdays – from 1.15pm to 2.45pm
(aimed at ages 35+ but not excluding any adults under 35 that would like to join in).

Those coming to try for a free session will be rewarded with a free T-shirt, but there are so many more reasons to come and try Taekwon-do than just getting a free T-shirt: The chance to work with experienced martial arts instructors who will help teach you the way of Taekwon-do. The training syllabus develops your ability to defend yourself using blocks, punches and kicks, progress through belt gradings will build agility, strength, fitness and self confidence, no matter how old you are. For those who are very competitive, we can train you to compete at national tournaments pitting your skills against other students of the sport.

Come and meet with us, we want you to experience the feeling of being part of one of the Worlds best martial arts, where you can make lifetime friendships, not just locally but globally!! Come & Try! 

No need to book, just turn up in loose clothing and bring a water bottle. Iceni Taekwon-do Classes will be hosted at Ormiston Boston Lodge, Boston Road, Lowestoft, NR32 1UG

If you are interested to find out more please contact fully qualified GTUK ITF instructors Mr & Mrs Bedingfield for more information [email protected] or visit