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Dove Anodising was established in 1970. From small beginnings we gained a reputation for high quality anodising. As demand for our services increased, we acquired larger-sized process tanks and expanded our premises.

In 1985 we introduced electro-colouring which enabled production of an extended range of colours to complement our existing range.

Anodising: How it works…

Aluminium naturally oxidises when exposed to the atmosphere. The oxide layer protects the underlying metal.

Anodising is the process by which the oxide film is increased by electrolysis, producing good resistance to corrosion and protecting the surface finish. The oxide film can then either remain in its satin or polished finish, or it can be coloured.

We use technology to evaluate the bath temperature, current and type of load, and to calculate the immersion time for precise film thickness, measured in microns.*

*As a guide 5 microns is the usual internal grade for use in offices, while 10 or 15 microns is used for internal applications or more robust uses such as handrails and partitions. 25 microns is recommended for all external applications.

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Into the new Millennium we remain committed to providing our customers with the best products and the highest quality service. We continue to invest in new processes and technology, and we work closely with regional and national agencies to ensure that we fully comply with environmental protection legislation.

We provide packaging and storage facilities.

Our packaging options include spiral wrapping and boxing, and we have 10,000 square feet of storage space for customers who require their material to be anodised in separate quantities over a period of time.

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