Dear friends and colleagues 

Chris and I are now feeling quite a bit better and ready to take bookings for our Carers Information Day at the Norwich Forum on Monday June 12th.

We are a bit late getting started this year because of ill health and personal caring duties, yes! Chris and I have the same problems as everyone else

Because of circumstances beyond our control, Care for Carers has had to have “Terms and Conditions” written into our, “Event Registration Document”, by our legal team.  When you sign the, “Event Registration Document”, you will have agreed to the Terms and Conditions, but please don’t worry, it’s as much for your benefit as much as ours.

Our next “Carers Information Day” at the Norwich Forum on Monday June 12th 2017 will be opened by North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb.  Norman is the Lib/Deb Health spokesman as well as being heavily involved in Caring and the problems suffered.

To join us at the Norwich Forum on Monday June 12th 2017 please use the, “Event Registration Document 2017” and we will get back to you as soon as possible, although applications made this week might not be confirmed until Monday 6th March.

Thank you for what you all do for so many people, you might think you do very little, but those little things can mean so much.

Although our name is “Care for Carers” and we call our events “Carers Information Days”, we like to help Carers, the Cared for, Older People, the Lonely and the Vulnerable, in fact, anybody with any problem we can’t help on the day, there will be someone who knows someone, somewhere who can.

“Together we are Strong”

Regards and best wishes

Peter and Chris

“Event Registration Document 2017”
Telephone 0300 777 8880

Email [email protected]