Taekwondo belt grading

GTUK Beccles & GTUK Bungay shared a very successful Taekwondo belt grading on March 17th 2019

Both clubs have a very active student membership with over a 100 members between them and more than a third of them successfully completed their 1st Taekwondo belt grading of 2019.

The grading was taken by GTUK Examiner Mr Steve King 6th Dan, who said that the quality of student sparring, patterns, techniques and Korean terminology was excellent across the board.

Taekwondo belt grading

There were some outstanding performances praised by Mr King from the Beccles students, newly promoted green belts Paulina Borkowska and Joel Thrower, along with Tyler Mingaye who had an excellent 1st grading.

A special well done to Beccles’s Blake Goffin for passing his Provisional Black Belt grading and being awarded his Black Tag belt, Blake will now start  preparing for his full Black Belt grading to be performed in front of GTUK Grandmaster Oldham IX degree at a later date.

Both Taekwondo clubs are associated to the GTUK and founder members of the exciting new Open-ITF.org

Come and Try TAEKWON-DO!

The spring is a great time to start this family orientated martial art, giving new members time to learn their 1st belt syllabus in readiness for the June grading, it takes 3-4 years to learn the full syllabus and become a 1st Degree Black Belt student.

If you would like to come and have a go the first session is always free.

Visit www.beccles-taekwondo.co.uk or www.bungay-taekwondo.co.uk for full details.

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