There are still tickets available for this production.  If you have an evening spare this week, why not come and support just one of our range of student enrichment activities?  We really need your support so that we can continue to enrich our students’ lives with such activites.  It would be great to see you.

I am writing to inform you about our latest High School production.  We have brought the lovely Will Shakespeare bang up-to-date – well very nearly:  remember the 1980s?  Laura Ashley, shoulder pads, pirate shirts, The Knack, the Buzzcocks, Aerosmith, Foreigner? We’ve got it all for you!  Why not come and watch to see one of the things your child could be involved in each year if they wanted to?

Seating is reserved for this production – which means you can actually book which seats you want in advance. 
This will be done on a first come-first, first- served basis, so if you want a good seat – book now!
Dates: Wednesday March 20th until Saturday March 23rd. 
Shows start at 7pm at Bungay High School. 
Call us on 01986 892140 for reservations. 
This play is about twins who crash on the beach in Ibiza.  Each one thinks the other is drowned in the plane crash.  The girl, Viola, dresses up as her brother Sebastian and goes to work for the local Duke, Orsino.  Viola falls in love with him but he thinks she’s a boy. 
Olivia – whom the Duke has a crush on – falls in love with Viola, thinking she is a boy.  Meanwhile Olivia and Orsino’s servants are up to mischief of their own.This is a wickedly funny play and has been reborn with some of the best tracks from the 1980s. 
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