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5 Poker Tournaments in Las Vegas That Are Life-Changing

If you think you’ve seen it all, then you haven’t been to Las Vegas. It is widely known for the casinos, which were brought to light via the Hollywood movie’s Spotlight. However, there’s more than just entertainment once you are within the Las Vegas Strip.

In Las Vegas, you stand a chance of enjoying a numerous selection of poker tournaments as well as being entertained. Apart from coming to value the amazing daily shows, most people flock to the numerous poker tournaments to try their luck. You never know, one of the fine moments in a Las Vegas casino can turn out to be your lucky day.

If you are a master in gambling and have an intention to win, trying your luck in poker tournaments at the casino can earn you a fortune. Here are some of the renowned Las Vegas poker tournaments that you shouldn’t ignore since they are not only exciting but also overwhelmingly life-changing.

World Series of Poker (WSOP)

WSOP is one of the greatest Las Vegas poker tournaments that brings together different players across the world competing for cash prizes with hopes of winning the game. The competition started way back in 1970 with Benny Binion inviting the seven renowned all-time poker players at Horseshoes Casino to participate in a joint tournament.

Both the start time and stop time were set, and a secret ballot used to determine the champ cast by the seven players. WSOP has gained popularity from that time, and it is increasingly played annually with different contestants being inspired to get involved in the game.

However, to join these tournaments, you need to pay a buy-in, and it’s not cheap. Each player pays $10,000 as a ticket for getting involved in the game. More than 8000 players enroll for these tournaments; hence you can guess the amount the winner walks away with after the game.

For instance, the prize pool for 2019 WSOP held in July in Las Vegas was 80,548,600, and the winner walked away with $10 million in cash. Additionally, the winner gets a bracelet prize that signifies them as the world WSOP winner of the year.

Video Poker Tournaments

Video poker tournaments in Las Vegas casinos aim at rewarding existing customers while luring new clients. However, they are an excellent platform to practice and get ready for poker tournaments while having a 99.54% return rate.

When playing these poker tournaments, you have the opportunity to use either the simple or optimal strategy. The simple playing strategy combines a series of arrangements with a precise expected return. It is simple and easy to learn; however, its outcome is minimal.

On the other hand, when playing video poker games, it is essential to bear in mind that the chances of hitting a royal flush are next to zero. Moreover, “a 4 of a kind” occurs at least once in an hour, and the odds of receiving it is 0.24%.

What’s more, when playing these tournaments in Las Vegas, it is essential to understand the payout schedules and paytables. Thus, the machine will display the paytable to inform you of the specific payout for certain hands, which is determined by the coins you use to play.

The poker videos are categorized as either wild or non-wild. Some of the non-wild games include; bonus/double bonus poker, jacks, or better. Whereas the wild pokers include Joker and Deuces wild, among other games of this series.

4 Card Poker

If you take a glance at the poker themed casino games, it won’t take you long to get drawn into 4 card poker. This straightforward game is easy to play, and it differs a great deal from other tournaments since it is not played against other players but a dealer.

There’s an illusion that these tournaments are unfairly played. Thanks to its name, 4 card poker, where the involved player is dealt 5 cards, and the dealer ends up with 5 cards on his/her hand.

What’s more, the dealer can always go for an extra card. However, that doesn’t mean it is unfair. On the contrary to other poker games, the dealer automatically qualifies.

The tournaments start with the involved placing an ante bet, each selecting various numbers of poker chips they wish to wager. The cards are then dealt, and the players each receive 5 face-up cards, whereas the dealer gets 5 face-down cards and an extra face-up card. The additional card gives the dealer an edge allowing him/her to have an extra-strong hand option.

In case a player beats the dealer in the tournament by creating a high-rank hand, he/she is paid from the bet amount in a one to one payout. Thus, if you are pursuing a casino game that can change your life while you are at the Las Vegas Strip, this poker tournament will make you proud if you master the playing strategies.

To do it, you should practice beforehand. If looking to play poker online, OnlineCasinoGems is an amazing site with the best poker rooms on the internet. You can indulge in it here, and enjoy playing mind-blowing tournaments with other worldwide players.

Poker Cheat Sheet

Nothing is more thrilling than playing poker tournaments that add monetary value to your life. That’s why most people obsessed with casinos and poker tournaments spend much time gambling for overwhelming cash prizes on offer at Las Vegas. Moreover, the Poker cheat sheet is based on strategy.

However, there is a rule to stump up an entry fee if you want to participate in the tournament. The fee is not cheap; thus, you are required to be ready for the game both financially and mentally, to make the right moves to win.

What’s more, since the prizes involve larger sums of cash prizes, it is worth a grind. Hence you need to be fully prepared to take on some of the very best poker gaming experts the world has had for a long while.

Therefore, if you are a no brainer in mastering poker, what else can deter you from poker cheat sheet to chase the papers? Win the game, and enjoy the massive cash prizes.

Casino War

Casino War is a one-off tournament widely acknowledged by the Las Vegas gamblers. However, much of the game is not known outside the tournament players. It is a two-card military game that should be on top of every gambler’s bucket list.

Even though the game sounds more of a mission-oriented tournament as experienced in the Grand Theft Auto and San Andrea, it is nothing more than exhilarating poker tournaments. Thus, it is a bunch of crucial games that you can play while at the Las Vegas Strip to get both entertained and enjoy the cash prize that accompanies winning.

Just like blackjack, the tournaments are first paced and involve simply picking up cards played by a gang of players gaming against a dealer to strip the casino its revenues. It is exciting to try bankrolling your earned cash prizes alongside your co-players to win the dealer’s massive revenue.

The Bottom Line

Now imagine you are a poker tournaments fun and an accredited player, what else can prevent you from getting involved in different categories of the Las Vegas poker tournaments? Save up and come up with a wish list of poker tournaments that you should try out on your next Las Vegas trip.